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The first thing that will blow your mind the first time you go to SE Asia, in my case Saigon, is the number of scooters on the streets and all that people do with them. Day or night, the streets are filled with scooters doing all sorts of things, from selling corn to hauling televisions to carrying entire families. Among these are pedestrians, bicycles, cars and trucks. Traffic laws reminiscent of the ones in the USA are absent except the fact that there are stop lights every once in a while. The end result is an amorphous flow of people that seems impossible to do successfully, but yet it works.


Crossing the Street


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  • In the top photo, I would go for a caption like:
    X was happily taking his goods to market just like he does every day, when suddenly, he noticed some American had just stolen his soul.


    Happy Trails Dan.

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