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Those on the port side… are going down…

Tonight was the (r)ocktober finale. Looking back at the month, it seems really goddamned long. But, perhaps that is because I’ve been measuring time in terms of shows. In the past, shows would have weeks, even months apart. Tonight was the 10th show we’ve had this month, so in rockstar time almost a full year has passed in a single lunar cycle. It just feels like its been forever since we started this thing. In terms of experience and musical expression, perhaps it has been as it has been an amazingly educational adventure that taught me a lot about the business of rocking as well as rock technique. This is the sort of boot camp that I think we should put ourselves through to become serious musicians.

Those starboard side… are going down…

Fiber Optic Pumpkin reared its technologically gourdial head again tonight, with much success. The take of “Thunderheads and Regrets” that has been eluding recording since its authorship was finally achieved tonight; a meaning the song has never possessed. Perhaps that is the true lesson to be learned from (r)ocktober… That finding something new in music is vital to keeping us vital, keeping us sharp and new and fresh and fun and everything that people want in a good song. If you witnessed tonight’s show, it was a conceit yet again. But, fortunately, I think it was a conceit that was also very entertaining as all the songs sounded great and it was very clear both Howie and I were having a fun time.

I don’t know what we were thinking but we’re going down…

Many thanks to howie&scott and, more importantly, Howie and Scott for doing this. This has been the best electric mayhem to be had anytime. May the road rise to meet us in the future… and hopefully the road be shared by both us.

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