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Geocaching was first recommended to me by my friend George before I even had a GPS. I first didn’t think much of it, but I bought a GPS and eventually decided it needed more uses than just war driving. After taking a first look into it and planning an outing I was immediately hooked and I didn’t even find the first cache I went after. What could be more fun than using a handheld electronic device that listens directly to satellites to guide you to hidden treasures hidden all over the planet? Geocaching helped me find beautiful hidden spots that I’d overlooked in my own area and when I started traveling for work it helped me find awesome places in new territory. Sometimes it’s as simple as a stroll down the street looking for a magnetic key holder. Other times it’s a crazy adventure that you don’t always expect since some oldschool GPS receivers won’t tell you if there’s a 2,000 foot cliff or river between you and your destination. This has additional unknown has led me to some even more awesome places and also through some stories that are better now that I can look back on them and laugh. There was that time when my two GC buddies fell of an ice covered cliff into a huge snow bank while we were racing the sunset and taking a “shortcut” through the hills behind NORAD. Next time you want to kill some time or have an awesome adventure give geocaching a try. You can even do it right from your iPhone.

These three photos were taken while I was out geocaching…

Tiny Watchers


All Saints of America Mission

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