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HDR is this crazy hyped up super duper dreamy photography trick that is most often misunderstood. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which describes the amount of luminance that is seen in a particular scene. The thing is, this high dynamic range is more information than your eyes can see, even in real life where dynamic range naturally is pretty wide. The trick that most people use to let your eyes see the full dynamic range is called tone-mapping, and this is the real magic of HDR. You can tone-map a photo that has a medium or low dynamic range and get equally impressive results. Either way, tone-mapping and HDR are both very impressive tricks in their own right, and are distinct from each other. The photos below are all high dynamic range and tone-mapped, and this is the most common form of “HDR”.

The Old Rock Schoolhouse

Crocker Galleria

Setting Sun from Mt. Tamalpais

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  • Absolutely stunning. These are incredible. Where exactly were they taken?

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