I read the about page and still don’t know what this is about?
The elevator pitch for this site is that it is the gonzo blog with a front row seat to the 21st century. Through words and images and film, we explore the fringe of the political, technological, and decidedly punk rock times in which we live in search for the real and genuine.
Where are you based out of?
San Francisco, California.
What are your politics? One day you’re praising Barack Obama and the next you are bashing him?
Ours is the politics of counter-culture; a willful and deliberate rejection of the mainstream. We approach this politics from the right and the left, with liberals and libertarians both contributing. All our writers approach policy from a well-researched posiiton which can fall anywhere on the political spectrum. While this can be jarring for the regular reader, it is intended to break through the artificial Huffington Post / Real Clear Politics distinction. Blogs can, and we argue *should*, have a mix of fair minded left and right leaning writers.
How do you find out about all this news?
You can see the last ten things we read in the “Reading” widget located to the right.
What are features?
Features are multi-part series that can be navigated with the “Features” widget located to the left. They include investigative reports from places as far away as Russia and the Middle East to places as close as home. They have contain gonzo gadget-fueled benders, captures of the oral history of the Palestinian occupation, and the horror of public transportation.
Where can I see videos of extreme protests, devastating tornado wreckage, and dudes hitting each other in the nuts?
A feed of (d)N0t’s last ten videos are available on the right with the entire collection available at our YouTube page.
What is your policy on comments?
The editorial staff at (d)N0t will not moderate any comments ever. Free and harshly critical speech is vital to the gonzo aesthetic and we encourage strongly everyone to share their input, as personally embarrassing or inflammatory that might be. We get plenty negative feedback around here; some of it is merited, some of it is not, but all of it is welcome. Whatever it is you want to say will stay until Cease and Desist orders or men in uniform physically arrive to remove it. Each comments is owned by whomever posted it.

Like every blog, (d)n0t employs a number of anti-fucker technologies to ward away spam. The few that get through do get taken down, as Rob already has a number of reliable sources for black market Viagra.

Dude. My comment isn’t showing up immediately. wtf?
The first comment for every reader sits in a queue to be approved. This is only to combat spam and no comment is ever rejected due to content. Once your first comment is approved, no further posts are moderated. You can avoid this step entirely by signing up for an account which requires a CAPTCHA.
Can I share (d)N0t with my friends on the internetz?
Why, of course! At the bottom of each post are recognizable icons making it easy to downsplice a link into your interflop of choice.
How can I post (d)N0t on my MySpace, Facebook, interwebs, etc?
Easy! If you like Flash, you can use our SpringWidget by copy/pasting this code onto your profile page:

Or if you want a rotating banner, you can use this:

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How can I subscribe?
You can get updates from (d)N0t either by subscribing to our very friendly RSS feed or by email here.
Hey! Something weird and genuine is happening in front of me!
Shoot any tips of gonzo action Rob’s way.
What is your problem with hippies?
Hippies are worthless and smell funny.
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