Rob Spectre – Editor

“The only real currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool” – Lester Bangs

Rob Spectre is the editor and principal writer for (d)N0t. Raised and rejected on feedlot beef and Midwest values, Spectre is a self-identified East Coast punk calling Providence, Rhode Island home. Classically trained in the humanities at Hastings College, Spectre serves up a steady diet of shattered glass punk rock for (d)N0t immersing the reader in a gritty, gonzo style. With language as elegant and visual as a first person shooter coupled with scattershot typographical and factual accuracy, Rob Spectre aspires for the literary canon and lands in the supermarket tabloid: the most sophisticated presentation for the least sophisticated content.

Living and working in San Francisco, Spectre evangelizes open source software, enjoys boxing, and performs the occasional punk rock show.

Ted “T-Dub” Weil – Contributing Writer

Ted \A nerd for all seasons, Ted Weil is an accomplished multimedia artist born and raised in New England. Writing for (d)N0t on matters concerning all things geek, T-Dub’s background includes a liberal arts education in music performance and recording engineering. A strong live and studio bassist, Weil is the definition of the practical technologist, providing a pragmatic perspective in the twilight of the recording industry as previously known. With a lush, dense writing style, Weil delivers humorous, erudite commentary that has been compared to Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett – dork content with dry delivery.

A proud husband and father of two three!, Weil covers the East Coast for Dream Not Of Today out of his home in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Hala V. Furst – Contributing Writer

Hala V. Furst makes no sense. She is both Palestinian and American, both from the Midwest and the East Coast, both gemini and cancer, and both angry and amused. Currently she is both confused and anxious, as she just finished her first year in law school, which she is attending because of George W. Bush. Right now Furst calls Bristol, RI home, where her days are consumed with learning how to talk other people into wishing they were dead. As evidence of her deep, deep geekiness, she loves law school and the post card perfection of her seaside home, but misses her previous life as an actor in Minneapolis, Minnesota and California. Her most private secret is that she went to college in Minnesota because she was hoping to be hired as a writer for the show Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

For the three hours a day she isn’t studying, Furst is writing, hoping for one day figure out what makes her, and this frustrating, beautiful, hideous world tick. Her voice is her flashlight, shouting into the wilderness, hoping to find a “Polo” to her cry of “Marco”. So far all she knows is there be dragons here.

Robert Taylor – Contributing Writer

Robert Taylor Portrait Robert Taylor is a music lover, whiskey drinker, eccentric, contrarian, insomniac, cynic, son, and brother. He spends his time working, writing, studying, daydreaming, reading Yeats, pounding away on a typewriter, struggling to see from long distances, lighting American Spirits, and screaming at the TV.

Born and raised in a small town in the middle of California, he went to math competitions, tried to kiss many girls, got in some minor trouble, and watched endless Three Stooges re-runs. He lives in San Francisco overlooking the beautiful Golden Gate Park.

Viewing the political world with a combination of Nietzschean skepticism and Menckenesque satire, he is convinced that society needs no rulers, kings, gods, or tax collectors, and that everything that is good and decent about the world is the product of voluntary and private associations.

He believes in individual liberty, peace, free markets, and the therapeutic power of a Replacements’ song.

Daniel Austin – Photographer

Portrait of Daniel AustinHailing from the heart of the Rocky Mountains of North America, Daniel Austin shoots the principal photography for (d)N0t. Born colorblind and the son of a preacher man, Austin’s powerful composition serves in stark comparison of the frameless corporate style of his contemporaries. Austin is at once artist and documentarian with framing that speaks as loudly as subjects. He is emerging as an authority in the field of high dynamic radiance (HDR) photography and a recognized leader in many online photography communities. Known for a punk rock DYI ethic, Austin has received no formal education in the area of photography. His professional freelance credits include the September 2007 cover of Digital Media magazine as well as features on the front page of such major online publications as Wired and Digg.

Now based in the Bay Area of California, Daniel Austin is an avid geocacher, motorcyclist, and hand gun enthusiast.

Interested in writing for (d)n0t?

Please send CV and two gonzo writing samples to Rob.

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